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What audiences are saying about Splish Splash

24 August 2018

We spent the summer performing in hydrotherapy pools across Wales as part of National Theatre Wales’s NHS70, a festival celebrating the 70th birthday of one of Wales’ best exports. As Splish Splash prepares to head out on a UK tour in September, here’s what audiences have had to say about the show so far…

“It was absolutely amazing, best experience/opportunity I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Children that normally don’t open their eyes – opened their eyes in wonder at the treasure box, children that are usually difficult to calm were captivated by the music and storytelling.”

‘The show was absolutely fantastic.”

“The whole production was absolutely amazing. It was relaxed, and [my child] loves the water so it helped in keeping him calm… It fully met his sensory needs, some fantastic sensory ideas as well…Thank you so much. It was lovely to see [him] do something with his sister.”

“It was perfect for the children at our school.”

“The interaction between child + performer was amazing…Everything was perfect.”

“The child I was working with became very smiley and vocalised a lot more than he does in a classroom environment. Loved having 1-1 attention.”

“The pupils were engaged and loved the setting, lights, costumes, bubbles, music “INSIDE” the pool – it was AWESOME. [The students] all responded to the sessions and it was particularly endearing to see this as the nature of some of the pupils can be isolated at times.”

“Everything was excellent. What a wonderful show.”

“The interaction was amazing and at the right level for the child…She was beaming through the whole show.”

“I would say it was perfect.”