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Oily Cart

Current show: Jamboree

Complex Disabilities

Oily Cart creates theatre for young people with complex disabilities (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or an Autistic Spectrum Condition). This highly acclaimed work often utilises unusual settings such as hydro-therapy pools and trampolines and incorporates a vast array of multi-sensory techniques including water and bubbles, paper fans, perfume sprays and ultra-violet lighting.

Our performers are trained to respond sensitively to each individual's reaction and to tailor each sensory experience to the young person with whom they are working. Each participant will have a unique experience, precisely reflecting his or her interests and ways of communication.

Multi-media preparation packs are sent in advance to all schools and venues so that families, teachers and carers can get ready for our visit. CDs, DVDs and a social story encourages classes to continue working on the themes and the methods of the show long after the Oily Cart team have moved on to the next school.