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Oily Cart


It's time to make some noise! JAMBOREE is Oily Cart's vibrant gig-performance for teenagers with complex needs (age 12+), and their friends and families. Let our Balkan band guide you through a colourful world, where the music can be felt through your whole body. Using tunes co-composed with young people with complex needs, JAMBOREE is a sensory theatrical riot like no other.

"As ever with Oily Cart, the interaction between audience and performers is beautifully judged." The Guardian (HUSH-A-BYE)

Access note: Please be aware that JAMBOREE will be a highly sensory/stimulating experience. 

JAMBOREE will be touring the UK in September/October 2019 and March 2020. Schools and venues interested in booking should contact Alison Garratt, Touring Producer: