The International Sensory Lab is an opportunity to be part of a diverse group of artists from across the globe, to learn, create, and participate in an exploration of sensory theatre. This online, part time course, which unfolds over two weeks, will feature in-depth training and mentoring from the core team of Oily Cart: the company who pioneered sensory theatre practice almost 40 years ago. Participants will benefit from learning from a range of specialised artists including Frozen Light Theatre and the International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN), who will launch the ‘World Map of Inclusivity’ as part of this exchange. This course is led in partnership with Rose Bruford College’s Theatre for Young Audiences Research Centre. It marks the launch of Sensory Lab, an ongoing training and research partnership to explore Sensory Theatre Practice.

“Such a wonderful eye opening experience. I can’t stop thinking about Sensory Theatre and where I’m about to take it next!”

Training Participant 2019

This course is designed for artists of all disciplines who are interested in creating sensory performance work.

During the week you will be invited to a series of presentations, discussions and workshops with leading researchers and practitioners in sensory theatre. There will also be time to discuss your own work and ideas. No experience of working with young people is necessary. The week is designed to support artists by building confidence in audience approach and interaction, giving an understanding of the international context of the work, and sparking creative ideas for future projects. 

“I have enjoyed every moment of the course and have been completely inspired by those both teaching and attending. My eyes have been opened to a whole sensory world and I’m never shutting them again.

Participant 2019