Being Alongside…

Oily Cart exists to serve our audiences and artists, especially those who relate to the world in a sensory way. We are aware of what a distressing time this is for many of the families we work with and have huge respect for. The reality is, they will be in lockdown much longer than most. We are sending out our love and solidarity.

Since its inception, Oily Cart has been on a mission to reimagine theatre, taking it to ‘impossible’ places. Tight restrictions make us dig deeper and get more creative. Our job now is to make sure no one is left out of the picture. Instead of waiting for a vaccine, or venues to reopen, we are creating an ‘un-cancellable programme’ to deliver over the next 18 months.

As well as explorations into online sensory film work, we will take our inclusive theatre onto streets and into homes. We will make as much noise as possible to ensure the young people we work with are being heard now and as things transition to the ‘new normal.’ We will use our resources to respond to what families tell us they need. Shielding should not affect anyone’s right to creativity, their right to connection and their right to play.

“We’re not vulnerable people. We are exciting, dynamic, creative, resilient people… And the more and more you push that rhetoric of vulnerability on us, the more our resilience will become stronger and stronger. And it will come through our art, it will come through my music.” 
Musician and Activist John Kelly

Jamboree production image