Rhiannon Armstrong announced as Oily Cart Associate Artist

We are delighted to announce that Rhiannon Armstrong will be working with Oily Cart as part of our artist development scheme. Rhiannon is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist, recipient of the Adrian Howells Award for Intimate Performance 2019. You can find out more about Rhiannon’s work here.

Rhiannon Armstrong Project Image

As Associate Artist, Rhiannon will be working as a dramaturg on two of our shows, and Oily Cart will be offering mentoring, administrative and practical support for the development of a new work by Rhiannon exploring tactile sound.

Oily Cart Artistic Director Ellie Griffiths said:

“We are really happy to be working with Rhiannon as an Associate Artist and are hugely excited about her potential contribution to the field of sensory performance work. Each project Rhiannon creates as an independent artist has an underlying precision and integrity around her audience’s experience. Care and inclusion are core values of her work, which is why we feel she has a very translatable creative practice in terms of working with our diverse audiences. As a live artist who freely plays with form, we are particularly happy to be partnering on Rhiannon’s upcoming project supported by Unlimited and Jerwood, and look forward to feeding into an exploratory process where we each have space to challenge, provoke and learn from each other.”

Rhiannon Armstrong said:

“I can’t wait to get stuck in at Oily Cart. I hear a lot of talk about ‘challenging work’: this is usually presumed to mean work that challenges its audience, and seldom about those that are doing the making opening ourselves up to an audience’s capacity to challenge our processes and assumptions. There is a radical inclusivity at work at Oily Cart that I want to immerse myself in. I look forward to doing the scary thing and cracking my process up over the coming year, challenging my understanding of practical and creative inclusivity. I am also excited to engage in an associateship with a two-way process of influence: where I am both supporting the work that the organisation is making and being supported to develop a new work of my own.”