Doorstep Jamboree

Complex Needs show

This Autumn, the Jamboree travelling Balkan band are popping up across London on the doorsteps of families who are still shielding. The band, which includes a sousaphone, clarinet, and singers, will play some tunes from Oily Cart’s sensory gig ‘Jamboree’, in a colourful and joyful celebration of resilience. Each performance will be totally unique and responsive to the individual family, who pick from a menu of tailored formats and options based on their needs and preferences:

  • A personalised zoom performance where the young person has a song dedicated to them. This is recorded and added to an album of songs from Jamboree that the family are sent afterwards
  • The young person’s favourite musician from the band improvises outside their house for an hour. On arrival the musician posts bespoke sensory props through the letter box, so they can jam together through the window or letterbox
  • The full Balkan band visit the family in their amazing, colourful Jamboree van. They get the neighbours involved with a colourful parade and doorstep party, designed to connect the local community and make sure the shielding family are visible and an active part of the community.

There will also be a pop-up version that tours to hospices, residential schools and children’s centres.

As part of this tour, Oily Cart are proud to release the Jamboree Album. This features tunes that were co-created with young people who are non-verbal, through a research process which embedded Jamboree band musicians in specialist schools around the country to collaborate with young musicians who are non-verbal and labelled as having complex needs.

Jamboree co-creation process

The album is designed to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, disabled and non-disabled. It is Oily Cart’s way of making sure these young people are being listened to even if they are not being seen out in public spaces over the next year or so.

Doorstep Jamboree and the accompanying album are part of the We Shall Not Be Removed campaign. This is an alliance of the UKs disabled artists and disabled-led companies, coming together to campaign for an inclusive cultural recovery #WeShallNotBeRemoved