In A Pickle

Accessible Family show

"Another lovely show from the loveliest of companies, one that has remained at the forefront of British theatre for over three decades."

The Guardian

An Oily Cart production commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company

IN A PICKLE was first performed as part of the World Shakespeare Festival 2012. Following a Christmas run at the Unicorn Theatre in 2012, it toured the UK in 2013. There was a Christmas run at artsdepot in 2016, and a UK and US tour in 2017.

A total theatre experience for children aged 3 to 5, and their families and friends, inspired by The Winter’s Tale. Join us on a voyage of discovery through the landscapes of Shakespeare’s imagination and the music of his language.

Our adventure begins in the woolly pastures of the Shepherdess and her flock of sheep, who are having a party to celebrate the sheep shearing. When they come across a lost baby, they have no idea what to do – but surely the children can help! Following clues, together we will sail the salty sea to the mysterious royal court in search of a happy ending. There are many sensory delights, including beautiful costumes, enchanting live music, lovely perfumes and delightful textures, along the way.

In rehearsals with IN A PICKLE

Production Credits

Performers (2012 / 13) Fionnuala Dorrity, Griff Fender, Elayce Ismail (World Shakespeare Festival only), Alicia Mckenzie

Performers (2016 / 17) Griff Fender, Katherine Vernez Gray, Stephanie Rutherford

Musician Finn Peters (2012 / 13), Sheema Mukherjee (2016 / 17)

Stage Manager Laura Street (2012 / 13), Deanne Jones (2016 / 17)

Writer & Director Tim Webb

Director (2016 / 17) Patrick Lynch

Designer Claire de Loon

Music Director Max Reinhardt

Music composed by Max Reinhardt & Finn Peters

Choreographer Laura Street (2012 / 13), Debbie Bandara (2016 / 17)

Fragrances designed by Seven Scent

Production Manager Jesús Gamón (2012 / 13), William Aubrey-Jones (2016 / 17)