Jamboree: The Album

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"A feel-good, inclusive knees-up"

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About Jamboree: The Album

Get ready to make some noise! Jamboree: The Album is an inclusive, immersive musical experience, developed for everyone of all ages to enjoy together.

Jamboree: The Album contains all the songs and music from the different versions of our show Jamboree, plus soundscape interludes of interactions between students, audiences and the cast.

Listen to sample tracks

Listen to sample of ‘The Whole World Is Watching’
Listen to sample of ‘The Sky Is Your Playground’
Listen to sample of ‘You’re Important’

About the Jamboree Band

At the heart of our show Jamboree is the mythical travelling band who collect tunes and rhythms from those who rarely get listened to. The music was originally inspired by improvisations between professional musicians and young musicians, many of whom do not communicate through verbal language. Since then, it has gone on its own journey and is still evolving.

The Jamboree band is an ensemble of professional disabled and non-disabled musicians: vocalists Dunja Botic and Jovana Backovic, and instrumentalists Robyn Steward, Aaron Diaz and Daniel Gouly, with additional vocals from Griff Fender and Mark Foster. Lyrics are written by spoken word artist and disability activist, Miss Jacqui.

Some of the tracks are also featured in Jamboree: The Sensory Sessions. These interactive, creative sessions were made in collaboration with families during lockdown, and are designed to be enjoyed from home or school.

Production Credits

Lead Artist Ellie Griffiths

Musicians Dunja Botic (Vocals), Aaron Diaz (Sousaphone and trumpet), Griff Fender (additional vocals), Mark Foster (additional vocals), Daniel Gouly (clarinet/bass clariner and FX), Miss Jacqui (Jacqui Adeniji-Williams, spoken word and vocals), Robyn Steward (trumpet & FX)

Music Direction and Production: Max Reinhardt

Co-Composers Jovana Backovic, Dunja Botic, Aaron Diaz, Daniel Gouly, Jacqui Adenji-Williams, Max Reinhardt, Robyn Steward

With thanks to Linden Lodge School, Walton Leigh School & Gulbenkian Theatre

Tracks 1, 5, 9, 11, 12 recorded July 2020 at Upcycled Sounds Studio, Oxford

Engineered by Niko O’Brien

Mixed by Niko and Max Reinhardt

All other tracks recorded by Max Reinhardt and Musicians on tour (2019) or in lockdown (2020), mixed by Max Reinhardt, additional mixing by Miss Jacqui