Light Show

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Audience feedback

"Entering an Oily Cart production is like entering a different world, and it’s one every child should experience."
Children's Theatre Reviews

LIGHT SHOW toured special schools and arts venues across the UK in Autumn 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016. It played at Lincoln Center’s Big Umbrella Festival in New York in 2018.

Production Credits

Hat Griff Fender

Plane (2015 / 16) Ellie Griffiths

Plane (2018) Katherine Vernez Gray

Fan Mark Foster

Rustle / Musician) Adam Storey

Flower / Stage Manager (2015 / 16) Joanne Davies

Flower / Stage Manager (2018) Deanne Jones

Writer & Director Tim Webb

Designer Claire de Loon

Max Reinhardt Music Director

Music composed & arrangements by Max Reinhardt & Adam Storey

Lighting Designer Jack Knowles

Associate Lighting Designer Anthony Doran

Advisory Teachers Katelyn McGee & Pamela Copeland

Production Team William Aubrey-Jones, Gareth Howells, Holly Murray, Alice Rose Searle, Hannah Sharp, Alison Alexander

Video Artist Paul Williams

Photography Neal Houghton & Suzi Corker

Graphic Design Jo Hill & Ed Currie