Something in the Air

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Audience feedback

"a remarkable and pioneering company whose work with children and those with complex disabilities has always been way ahead of the theatrical game."

Rating 4 stars

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Originally commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Oily Cart were involved in school residencies and public performances of SOMETHING IN THE AIR in Manchester in 2009. The show then toured venues and schools in Spring 2010, and Spring 2012.

Oily Cart and aerial theatre company Ockham’s Razor present SOMETHING IN THE AIR, an interactive aerial show was specifically created for young people with complex disabilities or on the autistic spectrum. Comfortably seated in suspended nest-chairs the young people and their carers will ‘fly’ amongst the aerial performers in a unique kinaesthetic adventure.

Manchester Evening News coverage of the show

Production Credits

Performers Alice Cade, Stefano di Renzo, Will Embliss, Griff Fender, Kenji Fenton, Ellie Griffiths, Alex Harvey, Lowri James, Tina Koch, Charlotte Mooney, Jumoke Oke, Holly Stoddart

Musicians Arun Ghosh, Max Reinhardt

Devised by Tim Webb & Ockham's Razor

Director Tim Webb

Designer Claire de Loon

Musical Director Max Reinhardt

Music by Max Reinhardt & Arun Ghosh

Lighting Designer Anna Watson

Nest Chairs designed by Jens Cole

Production Manager Jesús Gamón

Stage Managers Deanne Jones, Lindsay Stockley, Rebecca Smith, Ben Turner

Riggers Stefano di Renzo, Joe White

Design Team Emily Austen, Laura Gordon, David Harris, Jessica Houghton, Anna Jones, Electra Kythreotou, Holly Murray, Maija Nygren, Fiona O'Connor, Jamie Ogilvie, Holly Steidl, Sarah Thewles, Alice Theobald