Something Love

At-home show

About Something Love

Cubbious (adj.) meaning ‘something love’

“My cat Rocco is cubbious. People can be cubbious too. Even objects like security blankets, books, my iPad etc. Things or people who are very special to me…Cubbious is the colour red and feels like love”.

Something Love is a series of films and still images that digs into the richness of autistic relationships with objects. Objects can be a channel to the rest of the world, and connect us to our bodies. Objects can look after us, and connect us to people and places. But mostly, they are themselves: objects have personalities all of their own.

Created for and with Autistic young people, Something Love is about the infinite joy of objects.

Something Love short films:

Something Love – Green Straw
Something Love – Cubbious

Something Love still images

Creative Facilitator Max on Something Love and the creative process

Text of Max Alexander's writing about Something Love on cream background
Audio of Max Alexander’s writing on Something Love

Behind the scenes

Read our blog about the Something Love creative process and accessible creative practices.

Production Credits

Lead Artist Ellie Griffiths

Collaborating Artist Rhiannon Armstrong, Franki Ayres, Jetty Flowerdew, Coery Nicholson

Creative Facilitator / Collaborating Artist Max Alexander

Creative Enabler Stella Farina

Film-maker & Editor Paul Williams

Sound Designer XANA

Additional performance Ajjaz Awad-Ibrahim, Aya Nakumura

Executive Director Zoë Lally

Alison Garratt Tours Producer

Communications & Engagement Producer Flossie Waite

Placement Student Chloe Stally-Gibson