Sound Symphony

Tailored show

“a brilliantly crafted, wonderfully benign, deeply moving piece of theatre”

The Herald on Sunday

A co-production between Independent Arts Projects and Oily Cart.

Sound Symphony is a new, highly interactive, sensory performance made especially for young audiences on the autistic spectrum. 

A highly theatrical classical music concert unravels into a playfully wild and highly interactive celebration of sounds. Audiences experience live cello, marimba, clarinet and bassoon music, soundscapes moving around them, flying rose petals, bubble wrap symphonies, singing fish and sound shoes!

The performance is low capacity to be able to accommodate and engage young people with the most complex needs, who may find even a relaxed performance artistically inaccessible. 

Originally produced by Independent Arts Projects in association with Capital Theatres, Edinburgh with support from Creative Scotland and Paul Hamlyn.

Production Credits

Director and Lead Artist Ellie Griffiths

Performers/Composer  Sonia Allori, Tara McGirr, Greg Sinclair

Musical Director & Lead Compose Greg Sinclair

Designer Katy Wilson

Sound Designer Matt Padden

Lighting Designer Colin Grenfell

Movement Director Natasha Gilmore

Dramaturg Naomi O Kelly

Research Advisor Joe Wright

Associate Artist Greta McMillan

Oily Cart Producer Alison Garratt

Producer Mhari Robinson of Independent Arts Projects

Creative consultant Coery Nicholson

Evaluator Max Alexander