Splish Splash

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Audience feedback

"It was absolutely amazing, best experience/opportunity I’ve seen in a long time."
Audience feedback

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An Oily Cart & National Theatre Wales co-production, originally commissioned as part of NHS70 Festival

Splish Splash toured Wales in July 2018 as part of NHS70 Festival, and across the UK in Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019.

Oily Cart create a watery wonderland, a magical space where every sense is delighted. Hydrotherapy pools will be transformed by underwater lighting, clouds of bubbles drifting from below, curtains of spray, and live music played on specially created floating instruments, with a sound that can be felt as much as heard.

The audience determine the course of the journey as co-creators in this multi-sensory, immersive and interactive production for young people aged 3-19 which comes in three versions: one for those with profound and multiple learning disabilities, another for those on the autism spectrum, and a third for those who are deafblind.

Production Credits

Writer & Director Tim Webb

Performers Kayleigh Cottam, Anni Dafydd, Ruby Galloway (2018), Hannah Kimpton, Katherine Vernez Gray (2019)

Musician George Panda

Company Stage Manager Beatrice Galloway

Designer Jens Cole

Musical Director Max Reinhardt

Composer Max Reinhardt

Musical arrangement George Panda

Associate Directors Debbie Bandara & Francesca Pickard

Choreographer Debbie Bandara

Lighting Designer Andy Hamer

Production Manager William Aubrey-Jones

Head of Costume Debbie Williams

Head of Scenic Construction Hannah Sharp

Production team Karen Hobbs, Alice Kristina Rose, Hâf Sciacca-Bromwell Photography Suzi Corker

Photography Suzi Corker

Video Paul Williams

Graphic Design Ed Currie

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