The Cart

Tailored show

About The Cart

The Cart is wheeling its way around the UK, delivering Oily Cart’s unique brand of multi-sensory mayhem directly to your school. Bursting with colours, textures and sounds, staff and students will find everything they need inside The Cart to create their very own sensory wonderlands that the whole school can enjoy.

The Cart has been designed with Covid in mind, bringing all the magic of an Oily Cart show in a way that keeps everyone safe. Staff will be provided with resources and guidance to support them in co-producing the experience for and with students, so that even when The Cart rolls on, the sensory tools and techniques live on in the school.

Inspired by the best of Oily Cart’s 40 years of sensory theatre work for schools, this promises to be a celebration like no other!

Touring information

The Cart is touring schools from 10th January – 1st April 2021.
Contact Tours Producer Alison Garratt to register your interest