Space to Be: What families thought

Space to Be was Oily Cart’s first show created to be sent to audience’s homes and experienced remotely. From March – August 2021, it toured for 20 weeks and to 70 families across every region across the UK, from the Scottish Highlands to Cornwall.

Panel of three family photos. The first is a parent and child lie holding hands on a soft white rug in a tent with shimmery blue and green gauze walls. In the second A child lies on a purple carpet looking at light reflecting off colourful mirrored sheets. A kalimba is on the floor nearby. The third is a child lying on blue bed covers with white fish looks up at the colourful light patterns being created by a hand on the left of the image holding up a shiny mirrored sheet.
Families’ photos of Space to Be

Here’s some of the families’ feedback:

“Deep, meaningful, powerful and profound experiences which were new to us as a family and were very special.”

“it was amazing! And it was lovely to see all of the family be able to access and enjoy the same activity!”

“It was incredible and awesome- so well thought out and the attention to detail was amazing.You are futures ahead of what theatre can do. We were very lucky to have experienced this”

“Was nice to do something as a family where there were no barriers to everyone being included in the experience”

“This has been one of the most wonderful experiences that has helped bring us together as new stars.”

“It has been wonderful taking time out of our busy lives to ‘just be’.”

“Each day we were so excited to open a new box and discover another lovely experience (…) Many thanks again for a wonderful and magical week!”

“This was amazing to be able to have this experience at home to feel safe, we shielded for such a long time”

“I was very moved by how well thought out the activities were to engage children with complex additional needs – we felt included. It also gave us something to look forward to each day and after each experience we felt very positive; I felt calm, my sons felt happy and relaxed. It was lovely to share together.”

“Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic week spending time together as a family enjoying “Space to Be” sensory boxes. Each and every day we were filled with excitement and anticipation to open the next box. You have filled us with inspiration and ideas of more ways to create lovely sensory experiences”

“Thank you for ensuring our family carved out ‘space to be’ together this week. An amazing sensory experience for us all that was out of this world! A high quality experience that will be a positive memory for us all.”

Panel of four family photos. First photo: Young blond child sat on an orange cushion underneath a tent with blue-green gauze fabric. They are looking up at star projections which are reflected on their face. Second photo: Young person holding a wrist torch towards a shiny mirrored sheet in their lap. Third photo: Young person sitting on a green carpet playing the kalimba. Fourth  photo: Young person lying underneath a blue velvet blanket with embroidered patterns on it, with their head resting on a blue velvet double-length pillow.
Families’ photos of Space to Be

“The whole experience was amazing and was something we could all enjoy equally as a family.”

“it felt so special to have a beautiful experience that connected us all.”

“I asked our younger son what he wanted to say about Space to Be and he gave a thumbs up. I asked what he liked about it and he said ‘everything'”

“a memorable, quality experience.”

“It gave us something to look forward to each day and after each experience we felt very positive.”

“Thank you so much for this lovely week of togetherness, it was perfect.”

“We enjoyed the whole experience so much!”

“this was really special to do during half term and will stick with us for a very long time.”

“thinking about us as parents and carers who need time to relax and just be was very special and an important.”

‘It was lovely to do something at home but all together.”

“Couldn’t praise the whole experience highly enough. Absolutely brilliant.”

“It was a magical and powerful experience which has lived with us and opened our eyes to the power of a sensory space at home.”