Space To Be

Tailored show

"a great experience bringing all your senses and really involving the whole family"

Audience feedback

About Space to Be

Once upon a time, there was you and me…

Let your hands lead the way as they discover different textures and open up tiny universes.

Oily Cart’s Space to Be is a sensory show that we send to your home. It’s been created for and with disabled young people (aged 0-18) who experience the world in a sensory way, and their families.

You will unwrap the show over a week through a series of packages, bringing moments of wonder for you to enjoy individually, and together.

Space to Be explores each family’s unique story: our individual differences and how we are all connected like a constellation in the universe.

Touring information

Space to Be is touring from March until August 2021 and is now fully booked.

Space to Be is free for all families. If you would like to make a donation to support our work, you can do so here.

Production Credits

Lead Artist Ellie Griffiths

Designer Sophia Clist

Music Director & Composer Jeremy Harrison

Sound Technologist & Sound Designer Joe Wright

Dramaturg Arti Prashar

Researcher in Residence Dr Jill Goodwin

Associate Artist Natalya Martin

Creative Collaborator Jacqui Adeniji-Williams

Illustrator Ananya Rao-Middleton

With thanks to our Family Experts

The Space To Be soundtrack includes the real sound of stars. These sounds were generated using an approach called sonification, which turns the data collected by deep-space telescopes into sound. We would like to acknowledge and thank the NASA Chandra X-Ray Observatory and the work of astrophysicist Paul Francis from the Australian National University, which has been used in this project.

Production Manager Beatrice Galloway

Head of Construction Hannah Sharp

Prop Maker Lottie Fogg & George Hampton Wale

Production Assistant Laura Haynes

Press & Public Relations Representative Binita Walia

Placement Anya Winful & Chloe Stally-Gibson